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6 a.m.??? i did 21 years in the navy. there is no early or late—it’s all one long continuous spin of the clock. Majyck Toad 2017-1-9
Some psychiatrists opine that ‘hide and seek’ played as a kid is a main reason that adult soldiers get shot in the head…the game teaches you to ‘expose’ yourself…because the only payoff in the game is when you get caught.

Pig would be considered ‘sane’ in this game. YOU NEVER COME OUT. PERIOD.Yes, I read weirder stuff that Pastis.I once hid for three and a half days.MIlitary game. 82nd Airborne wanted to catch my SF a$$ and mess with me for a day or two.

I could lay quietly for almost a week in ambush. Pig. though, seems to be pretty good.

tigre1again 2011-9-26
Although I rarely agree with rat , The worst year I can remember of my 45+ working years was running a construction warehouse & always starting before 6 , sometimes 4:30 or 5 . When I lost the job , I slept for a week before I seriously looked for work again . Now , 15 years later , I still haven’t recovered , But hey , whatever floats your boat , I say . RACerri32 2017-1-9
Before I retired I liked getting up at the crack of Dawn. But my wife was never too keen about sharing our bed with her. nosirrom 2017-1-9
Vegetarians taste good. Where did you find enough for a dinner? tigre1again 2017-1-9
Or are some just destined to be butt-heads no matter what?


I think you’re right about that one. On the subject of getting up early, I have no problem with the people who do although I’m nocturnal myself. I describe myself that way because I’ve been a night owl all my life, literally. Mom told me that as a baby they had a hell of a time getting me to sleep at night. Even then I wanted to be up at night and sleep during the day. My poor parents.

Lyman Elliiott 2017-1-9
I’m reading this on my home computer after working midnight to 8:00 AM. So Rat, ☯♨︎❡☛# you! Kaputnik 2017-1-9
Rat had a job? CameronPB1988 2017-1-9
I am retired and still insist on getting up as early as possible, 5 am at the latest. jessegooddoggy 2017-1-9
Sleeping through January works for me. Throw in February, too. Richard Roush 2017-1-9
Thank you. Good point. Doh 2017-1-9
If you have a PRO account (or even if you don’t), I recommend you log into your account at (before the transition), and check your profile (MY PROFILE in the dropdown menu shown by clicking your avatar). You may be surprised by what’s there (may want to change it, like I did). If you change it, I don’t know that the change will be effective after the transition (may want to check your profile again). mabrndt 2017-1-9
Is Rat claiming to be human here? markmoss1 2017-1-9
To anyone whining about getting up and going to work at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, who do you think serves you your coffee on your way to work at 6:30, 7:00 am? What about the radio personality who gets YOU up in the morning? How about the snow plow drivers who clear the road way so “normal” people in places where it snows can travel to work to be there on time @ 8:00?


You trash all the jobs and people who get up before the birds but then by doing so you disrespect those people who make your lives richer, more enjoyable/bearable and civilized by sacrificing themselves and being up doing their jobs when you finally deem it worthy to rise yourselves.


I did read a couple comments that I took as tongue in cheek from people who used to get up so early but now don’t. Thank you for the empathy written as humorous sarcasm. I did read respect in your comments.


Can’t people just all get along and value how others are different than you are and appreciate how that makes our society function better? How those differences advance society’s interests and ultimately improve everyone’s lives? Can’t we be better people? Or are some just destined to be butt-heads no matter what?

RedRoverCameOver 2017-1-9
I almost never agree with Rat, but in this case I’m sure he’s right :) Linda Rowley 2017-1-9
Actually I forgot that point in my chastising comment. I see no political slant in this cartoon either. And they call liberals snowflakes. It seems some conservatives are super delicate and one whiff of not agreeing with the master gets them all hot and bothered. RedRoverCameOver 2017-1-9
So, you don’t mind getting up to a house without electricity until 6 AM? ben porter 2017-1-9
You really are a delicate soul aren’t you? Can’t stand anyone with an opinion different than your own.


It is quite well known that Rat is a conservative. Not a radical like it appears as though you would want him to be but he’s still a conservative.


Maybe you should go back to bed and comment again when you wake up, rested and compassionate.

RedRoverCameOver 2017-1-9

You do know that among hunter gathers, “vegetarian” translates as “lousy hunter”.

samhuff 2017-1-9
I used to get up at 4:30 AM and be at work at 6:00 AM. Bubba_Boo 2017-1-9
Not true. There are many different aspects to the Hague Convention, such as preventing the international parental kidnapping of children. It isn’t just about war crimes. legaleagle48 2017-1-9
^^ hey, guys, hold down the chatter, wontcha?

some us left-coastal civilians still tryn’ catch a few Zs.

(→ hashtag / pound sign goes here <-) hubbub

Cupertino Jay 2017-1-9
My solution for having to get up early? Don’t go to bed. partyalldatyme 2017-1-9
It’s part of the rat race. wolfowned 2017-1-9
Um…. is this sarcasm? Where on earth did you get politics out of this?? Good grief! Keep on keepin' on 2017-1-9
Hear! Hear!


It’s early to bed and early to rise,

And your girl’ll go out with other guys!

AlexanderTheGoodEnough 2017-1-9
I’d do it. Its 5:53 now, ive been up for nearly a half hour. Steven Young 2017-1-9
I miss the days of being a hunter gatherer. Vegetarian. SwimsWithSharks 2017-1-9
I can confirm that there really is such a thing as 5:30am.


I call it “bedtime”.

daDoctah 2017-1-9
All of China only uses one time zone, so depending which part you live in, 6 am might be light or it might still be dark. macky87 2017-1-9
I used to get up at 3:00 am. Nowadays 9:00 am is early for me. Randallw 2017-1-9
Reporting him to the Hague? That sounds a little too much like you’re a liberal-leaning Clinton supporter, Rat. Stephan, why can’t you just make fun of Trump and Hilary equally? railwayman001 2017-1-9
Had my share of getting up at 5:am working testing at Boeing’s computer services.

Now I get up at the crack of noon!!

Kyle of Lochalsh 2017-1-9
Well said!! Kyle of Lochalsh 2017-1-9
Sorry, Rat… but the Hague Convention only deals with war crimes.

The Geneva Convention deals with proper treatment prisoners of war… unless they’re guerrillas or terrorist.

Bruno Zeigerts 2017-1-9
In the office at 0445! Stew Bek 2017-1-9
I would start at 4AM when I was working. It is what it is :-) Juice- Bruce 2017-1-9
It’s all fun and games until you have to set your alarm for about 4 AM. Adiraiju 2017-1-9
Yes, I’m not a morning person either, Rat. garcoa 2017-1-9
That means in Alaska you’ll sleep all of January and stay awake all of July. leftwingpatriot 2017-1-9
I’m with Rat on this; unless you’re in an emergency-based profession, like police or paramedics, you shouldn’t have to get up before the sun gets up. Sherlock Watson 2017-1-9
So tre Pig so True. I guess we will have something to do when there are no more jobs. loopyfrogger 2017-1-8
Hey, this is Pig we’re talking about here. Pig & logical don’t coincide. Never have, never will. Odette Lussier 2017-1-8
The best tenors need to be candidates for bariatric surgery. Odette Lussier 2017-1-7
The biggest difference between me and Pig today is that Pig has interesting varied facial expressions….

I need to get a life.

Sisyphos 2017-1-8
To me, these attacks on gendotte are equivalent to cyberbullying, which I strongly disapprove of. JPuzzleWhiz 2017-1-8
“Learn a little about tolerance”? I hate tolerance. Patience, that’s different.


Tolerance or patience, gendotte is only doing this for one day. I still say lighten up.

JPuzzleWhiz 2017-1-8
I see GoComics has adjusted the format of today’s strip so that we now see it in its regular setup. JPuzzleWhiz 2017-1-8
A blobfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BarrelO'Molasses 2002-1-24
Now it’s a hamster ball! A fish bowl! A cannonball! A lollipop without a stick! BarrelO'Molasses 2002-1-24
Rat is wrong about opera singers needing to be obese.

Some opera singers are obese. Many are not. However, to sing opera well, you must have great breath control and part of generating that control is learning to expand the rib cage for maximum breath and for maximum resonance of the sound.

DOSQueen 2017-1-7
I remember Rat doing the same thing Pig was doing a couple years ago CameronPB1988 2017-1-8
I get your joke. :) BarrelO'Molasses 2002-1-17
No one cares about you. Don’t let the door hit your backside on your way out. mrduh 2017-1-8
Rat isn’t wrong. Laurie Stoker 2017-1-7
This fairly one sided message from Stephan ignores all the good that Internet forums can accomplish. And trashing the viewing machine itself is an illogical move like shooting the messenger. jmarkoff2 2017-1-8
I used to post all the time on a couple of forums where I’d end up at least a quarter of the time with my face in at least one book as I was posting. On was a literature forum and I’d be posting chapter and page number/numbers on a particular book we’d be discussing before I quoted word for word from the book. The other was a Civil War forum and I’d get out several books to help me put together a particular post when it was that important. Good way to waste three hours doing research in as many as ten books as you post. F6F5Hellcat 2017-1-8
Better way, dump Facebook. F6F5Hellcat 2017-1-8
Heh, I’m procrastinating and getting distracted as I read this. Clearstream 2017-1-8
“Learn a little about tolerance”? I hate tolerance. Patience, that’s different. pschearer 2017-1-8
That’s why I’ve made McDonald’s my new “home” office for early morning work. Alfkowitz 2017-1-8
I think it’s supposed to be funny. BarrelO'Molasses 2002-1-21
and @Egrayj and @ebsan:


Lighten up on "gendotte.* He’s only doing this as a one-time-only thing. And yes, he does say other things. If his multi-posting upsets you that much, just scroll past it after reading it the first time, like I do. Learn a little about tolerance. He’s not breaking the Terms of Service.

JPuzzleWhiz 2017-1-8
I don’t do Facebook. If I have that much time to kill, I’d rather stick my face in a book.


Won’t you suffocate? (Just joking!)

JPuzzleWhiz 2017-1-8
The comic layout looks like the old hopscotch game….am I right? Anorok 2017-1-8
Interesting, a double format in the comments section.

However, I would consider facebook and news an oxymoron.

mr_sherman 2017-1-8
Congrats kea for recognizing the format. AKJeff 2017-1-8
Conventionally, yes, but wouldn’t it be more accurate as Li’l’ ? BSD4ME 2017-1-8
Last ween the title panel made the strip too small, because there are width limits to the comics here. Make it vertical, and you have all the space to appreciate Stephen’s fine line work. (coff, coff) Ermine Notyours 2017-1-8
I just checked out the beta – it’s quite nice, actually. Maybe you should check it out for yourself. Might as well – after all, it’s not like you’re going to have a choice after tomorrow. Giblets? 2017-1-8
Now, if only we did that with cell phones codedaddy 2017-1-8
The more vertical arrangement of today’s strip better emphasizes the passage of time. judepew 2017-1-8
now only if we did that with cell phones A_NY_Outlaw 2017-1-8
In an opera, everyone is screaming and tries to stab each other. I learned that from Carla Tortelli. Mark Ortlieb 2017-1-7
good strip for emulating Wiley kea 2017-1-8
I deleted Facebook after 5 minutes. drivingfuriously 2017-1-8
For a second I thought he threw the clock out (oh, wait, that’s what Rat would’ve done). noahproblem 2017-1-8
Or you could just delete Facebook. Retired Dude 2017-1-8
Odd format. First_Of_The_Fallen 2017-1-8
I hope you don’t like it. ebsan 2017-1-8
That makes sense. Stephen Treadwell 2017-1-8
A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, “You know, we have a drink named after you” and the grasshopper says “What, Kevin?”

The next week a White Russian walks into the same bar and again the bartender says, “You know, we have a drink named after you”, so Kevin takes off his disguise and says “How did you know it was me?”

maarvarq 2016-6-24
Are you really that much of @$$ that you have to post this same comment on so many different comics today. Please go elsewhere and get a life. Egrayj 2017-1-8
+1 halibaitor 2017-1-8
And wait ’till you discover Imgur. Kristiaan 2017-1-8
Any chance you can say anything else on different comics?

Hope you are outta here!

Kyle of Lochalsh 2017-1-8
This strip looks kind of weird today. The panels need to be brought together to where it’s two horizontal rows. railwayman001 2017-1-8
Grammar Police here… Steph, the apostrophe goes AFTER the “i” in “LI’L” awgiedawgie 2017-1-8
That’s why I limit myself to looking at these only once a day! (Mostly.) blunebottle 2017-1-8
I don’t do Facebook. If I have that much time to kill, I’d rather stick my face in a book. Sherlock Watson 2017-1-8
Who needs productivity when you have 215 comics on GoComics? Bilan 2017-1-8
I will reserve judgement until the new site is online. If it is as bad as some of the remarks say it is, I will be outta here. gendotte 2017-1-8
That is what FB wants you to do to drive up the ad revenue :-) Juice- Bruce 2017-1-8
Maybe I will check out today’s GoComics before I have breakfast. Agh, it is lunchtime now! garcoa 2017-1-8
Mine’s next for the wastebasket. cdgar 2017-1-8
Type everything out on an old Underwood. leftwingpatriot 2017-1-8
if thats the case then 60 died Dudesworth 2010-7-11
yeah, yeah. I’ve been to the ballet. Why in all these centuries has it never occurred to any producers to just hire taller dancers? SpadeJr 2017-1-7
For once, Rat is right, though both beat ballet, which is nothing more than men in pantyhose and women ruining their feet. The Russians sent that stuff to us and laugh to this day. toohana 2017-1-7
In truth, there is little or no difference. That is why some musicals have been given full operatic stagings in recent times. A good musical and a good opera are both enjoyable, just as a bad musical and a bad opera both stink.

At the highest level, both require huge bucketfuls of money to stage, though also both can be produced at an economical level (e,g., in universities or community theatres). I enjoy both.There are even some svelte divas these days! And super-titles usually solve the operatic language divide….

Sisyphos 2017-1-7

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